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Persistent Promptings — How it all began


I believe God puts things on our hearts for a reason. Sometimes His promptings are fleeting, but more often than not, they reappear and reoccur in our lives. Usually, something sparks them — a photo, a word, a conversation, a memory. No matter how God speaks to us, we are always left with a choice — do we ignore His calling? Or, do we act and commit to what it is He wants us to do? If I’m honest, I have to admit that I ignored God for a long time. He gave me the idea (even the name) for this site, but I kept making excuses. I was too busy, it wasn’t feasible, it would never work. Satan was so subtle and successful in deceiving me. It took a BIG move and I mean literally a BIG MOVE for me to take His persistent nudging seriously. He plucked me out of my comfort zone in every way — He moved me away from my church, my family and my closest friends. I was in a new city with no job, no family and what I believed to be no purpose. It was then, without warning or anticipation, that God audibly shouted, “It’s time for TruthSpeaks!”

I had made strides in getting it off the ground, but once I started a new job and fell back into the busyness of life, I lost momentum and didn’t work on anything for almost three years. The excuses came back — “I don’t have time.” “I can’t do this.” “What if I fail?” But, as always, the Lord never gave up on me and during the course of my three-year hiatus, He continued to bring people into my life who wanted to share their stories. So, three years later, here I am. Laying this at the feet of Jesus. I’m putting my insecurities, doubts and fears aside and asking Him to use this site as He sees fit.


TruthSpeaks came to me after reading an excerpt from a book I received after my college graduation. Little did I know that these words would have such a tremendous impact on me:

“Often the very thing that you struggle with most in your life is the very thing God wants to use to help you minister to others. God uses not just our strengths, he also uses our weaknesses.”

What has the world taught you? It has taught me that strength = success, power and superiority. I want to be strong — physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, professionally and the list goes on and on. Weakness, on the other hand, is the very last thing I want to admit, reveal or exude to others. Weakness = failure, deficiency and inferiority. It’s the scarlet letter that screams, “I’m flawed, imperfect, broken.”

Thank goodness for Facebook, right? I get to create a profile and tell the world how picture perfect my life is. I can post my best pictures, vacation destinations, luxurious dining experiences and so much more. The greatest feature of all is that I have complete control of my identity. If someone “tags” me in a bad picture, I can remove the tag right away and even ask the person who posted it to take it off the site completely. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I don’t know about you, but this is the way I see it… our culture has ingrained in us that it is unacceptable to share our imperfections — bad hair days, blemished skin, health issues, marital problems, etc. When we can control our identity, why would we want to willingly share our struggles, our problems, our brokenness? The only answer I can come up with is that in our heart of hearts and in the depths of our souls, the Truth of our journey Speaks volumes. Even though our journeys involve trials, tribulations, difficulties, challenges and so many hard pills to swallow, they help us grow, they remind us that we are human, and they can be used for the greater good.

We need to share our stories, not only for our own restoration, but to know that our experiences were not in vain. When we are honest with ourselves, with each other and most importantly, with Jesus, amazing things start to happen. We realize we are not alone in our personal struggles. We recognize that our imperfections are a part of the Lord’s greater plan and purpose for our lives. We see, for the first time, that there is hope. We admit that we cannot take on these burdens and challenges on our own — we need help. And not just any kind of help — we need help that surpasses all human comprehension and understanding. We need help that will sustain us and pull us out of our pit of darkness and into marvelous light. And that help can only come from one man, one God, one Savior and that’s Jesus Christ. If you haven’t met Him or don’t know much about Him, I encourage you to spend some time reading through stories of His faithfulness on this site. Taste and see that the Lord is good and that He is at work in every facet of your life — especially in the areas where you don’t have resolution, restoration or reconciliation. I promise you — He is not finished with you yet.

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